Sunday, April 1, 2007

Where in the world is Alyssa San Diego?

I picked up a trip for yesterday because it was a long turn (10 hrs!) but I had no idea where I was going. Therefore, this is your first geographic quiz:

Q: Where is the island of Curacao and who owns it?

A: the arcipelago of Japan/Japan
B: US Virgin Islands/United States
C: off the coast of Venezula/Netherlands
D: Polynesian Islands/France

If you guessed (I know you guessed because you've never even HEARD of Curacao) the answer C then you are correct!

It was my first international flight, and let me tell you. People on their way to or from vacation are very, very needy! "Can I have a coke, a water and a tomato juice?" "I'll have a bloody mary, a water, and a coffee" I literally had one row of three seats that wanted FIVE WATERS. I don't mind the overly thirsty people so much as the impatient people with trash. Please wait for the flight attendant to reach your row, and if they're not holding a trash bag then don't hand them your empty cup. What am I supposed to do with it? I know you're getting up to go to the bathroom in like 3.2 seconds anyway because you had four waters, so take it with you when you go. Thank you.

I like working the long turns with the senior mamas. They're part-crazy, part-easy going and don't take any shit from customers. There was some yelling on the flight back, and I had no idea what to do. Senior mama totally took control and made everyone sit down and shut it. Skills I am lacking for sure, but I think that will come with time and experience.

I love my job. I can't say that enough. I'm planning a trip to SFO and I'm going - free airfare! Right now I'm waiting for the day to pass - I have "airport abuse" at 7pm. That means I 'fly the couch' waiting for them to call me and send me on a trip. Pray for people to be late and miss their commuter flights, otherwise I'll be back here in the crash pad tonight. And I'm still good for another four days! So where in the world am I? Jersey, as always.

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