Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reserve Does Suck!

Last weekend I had a date with a true Big Kid; he came complete with automobile, mortgage, and even a suit for those fancy occasions. I couldn't help but reflect on my current situation. I can barely afford to drive (I did pay $1.82 for gas today, and that's not even the cheapest in South Jersey), I live at home, but more importantly, I'm on reserve. Reserve is something that I've been struggling with since I got the job; everyone keeps telling me that it gets better and your life will completely change once you get a line. Though we are hiring next year, its not going to up my seniority that much to make me a permanent line holder, which is my current goal in life. I feel like dating is impossible on reserve and complicates things that are already complicated to begin with (I'd like to extend a big thank you to the super sluts who put out on the first date, are non-discriminatory serial daters, who have single-handedly destroyed any modicum of decency, morality, romance, and chivalry that used to be known as courting... way to lower those standards!). What I'm getting at is that I've decided to learn a language. Not only will learning a new language fulfill this burning desire to exercise my brain, but its the express train to the magical land of holding a line! Moreover, I can date boys who speak said language and drink the local brews, and we all know how I feel about boys and beer... yum!

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