Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Newark Scheduling, This is Jane

Yesterday I sat airport ARREST in terminal a. There was an incident about trying to pick up a trip for today, as the only thing available were turns. Last night, I went out with my industry friends and my goal was to drink til I didn't hate scheduling anymore. I was partially successful until I logged in at 2:40 am to find I had airport alert AGAIN tonight at 7:30, which just pisses me off because of the transportation issue (translation: I'll be driving myself to work tonight, like a big kid). I refused to acknowledge said assignment, I just logged off knowing full well someone was going to call me this morning.

And they did, at ten.

Jane: Hi, may I speak with flight attendant Alyssa?

me: (dammit they know my name!)... This is her.

Jane: Well it seems you must like airport alert a lot because you have that assignment tonight at 1930.

me: Its just special isn't it?

Jane: oh hahaha hahaha ha.

me: (that was not a joke) Thank you for the call.

Jane: Have a great day!


If I didn't laugh, I'd cry. Oh, and Jane's not her real name but yous guys know exactly who I'm talking about! Moreoever, rumor has it that they can only assign you airport alert four times in a bid period. We'll see about that.

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