Thursday, March 6, 2008

4 Day worth 27 hours???

This month, I have all weekends off. So far, I'm not impressed. As you are all aware, I sat abuse Monday and was called for a two day. When I blocked in, they had already assigned me airport alert for Wednesday at 11 am. I bought a new book, The Witch of Portabello, and ran into a few of my friends in the crew room. The job is definitely more exciting now that I know people. After I had been there for a whopping 45 minutes, the phone starting ringing off the hook! Two people were called for an Orlando turn; and then I was called for an Orlando turn. It was on the 757-300, or what us flight attendants like to refer to as "the slave ship". Going there was amazing! It wasn't completely full and this was the happy yay-we're-going-on-vacation-to-see-Mickey crowd. Coming back was a different story. Air traffic control delay, but we were still going to make it on time. That crowd was a little less understanding, to say the least. I was excited because I got to go play in first class and be aisle; I'm practicing for international (looks like I should get my transfer for either April or May!). I also had a great crew, which always makes any turn far less painful. When I blocked in, they released me to crew rest, I went home, and vegged out. Before I went to bed, I wanted to see my place on the list. I, however, was not on the list because I had been assigned an Atlanta turn! The same one I did Tuesday as part of that two day! Arg! I know one of the other flight attendants, and I've flown with the first officer a few times, so it should be reasonably okay. AND there were a lot of hottie business men coming back last time.

I've been working straight since Monday, and after this turn tonight I will have racked up 27 hours! That is just insanity! And way too much flying. I sure as hell hope they give me a rest tomorrow, thereby giving me a three day weekend!

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