Friday, March 14, 2008

Adventures in Scheduling

Yesterday, I woke up and decided that scheduling was not going to control my life. I was on page two so I checked movie times, picked Be Kind Rewind which was only playing in New Brunswick, hopped in my car and drove off into what should have (oh those are so the key words in this sentence) been a lovely day. WRONG.

I get down to Brunswick and I'm literally there for 15 minutes before screw scheduling calls. I have an IAH turn on the 777, working A zone galley down and deadheading back, with exactly two hours to get to the airport. The only minor exciting part about any of this is my BFF was working the flight back to EWR. Now that I had my sob story about how much scheduling sucked I peddled it to anyone who would listen. And no one cared until I got on the plane and talked to the other flight attendants - all nine of us were quick called and had similar sob stories. At least mine did not involve a haircut.

A zone galley on the 777 is rather intense - I had to feed 30 people. It wasn't international service by any means but my two aisle people were international flight attendants so I felt like they were kicking my ass. I did the best I could and I rocked it for the most part. I really liked the position and I'm not so intimidated anymore. I better not be considering I'm transferring to international! My only issue is that I feel too short; I couldn't reach the glasses that were in the top atlas carriers and that just spells concussion. I liked being in the galley because I had little to no customer interaction and that makes me a happy camper.

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