Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Technological Divide

There are four different sections of the cabin on our configuration of this particular aircraft in the fleet.  I made sure to pick up the one that does not have to go to economy class in the event first is not full and steerage is.  When we were headed out of the hotel and getting on the van, the service manager told me I might have to work in the back... "But I'm the 6"... He nonchalantly pointed to the other aisle flight attendant in my cabin, to which I gently sighed and said okay.

P is number 71 in the entire system, and just celebrated flying 45 years.  It would be grossly unfair to the economy stews to send her considering she hasn't worked "back there" since Nixon was president.  To be fair, she was a lovely, hard-working woman and we did a nice service even though we had about ten upgrades and ended up being completely full.  Coach, you know those seats "back there", however, was not.

We had a minor maintenance delay coming out of LHR, and then it took about forty minutes of taxiing around the arrival airport to find a parking spot.  P and I's jumpseats were next to each other and she was worried about making her commuting flight home to Florida.  She had a brand new iPhone and had no idea how to log on to our employee website to list herself standby.  I pulled out my matching brand new iPhone (thanks Santa!), had her enter her information, and completed the booking for her.  I didn't check when I got home to see if she made it.  I figured she'd be at the top of the list, well ahead of all the other crazy commuters at 45 years with the company!

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