Friday, February 28, 2014

"I feel like I've been drugged!"

Flight attendants are a different breed. We cover the extremes from the crazy drinking-smoking-wild partying types to the holistic yoga-running-vegan stereotypes. We were coming back from SNN, when KL, who was working in the back with me, decided after eating to take her vitamins. About an hour later, it was like she had hit a wall with a case of the mumbles - stumbling, mumbling, grumbling, fumbling with service items. I brewed her a pot of double coffee, and she ended up spilling her cup because she fell asleep! KL kept saying she felt like she had been drugged. As she was sitting on the Jumpseat, trying to stay awake it dawned on her that she had put a sleeping pill in her vitamin case for every other day. Today's box happened to have one of those in it! KL had accidentally drugged herself. Once we knew that, it was hilarious.

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