Sunday, February 9, 2014

Alert Like Whoa

As previously stated, I worked a FRA trip. I got it off airport alert (after having been bumped from SNN). I had an afternoon alert the following day; I was off Friday.

K, peeps, and I went out to dinner Friday night. Which was cut short once I found out I had alert Saturday morning at 6 am. Like, in the morning. I didn't even get to sit down and settle in when the phone rang with a SDQ turn. 8 hours to go to Santo Domingo and back. So thankful to have had a lovely crew.

Saturday night I tried to go out but was just out of it. Cranky. So I went home and before putting myself to bed, I checked my schedule to find alert AGAIN at 8 am.

This morning, I settled in, had breakfast, read my book, started a movie and the phone rang about 30 minutes before I was done sitting. DEN turn, deadhead back. Aside from doctors, I don't know anyone else who has 14 hour work days.

In summary, I've been on call for 6 days and I have over 40 flight hours. That's like a normal work week and we all know how I feel about those...

Flying these past few days has been such a privilege. I feel like me again. You never realize how dark it is until the sun comes out.

I'm good for three more days and I'm sure more adventure is out there.

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