Friday, February 21, 2014

Chats With Kathy

me: So I went, in person, to the Doctor's office to request a copy of my immunization records.  The receptionist gets my file, flips through it forwards and backwards for what feels like forever; gives up, and says that she's going to have to ask Records to find it.  I wait for the nice Records lady who tells me I don't have any records.  She has to go through my file and piece together what's there and it will be available next Friday.

Mom: (while laughing)  Oh, only you Alyssa Megan.

Why might I need a copy of my immunization records?  I finally booked that trip to Peru I've been talking about since 2010.  I'd rather have all the shots first as opposed to get there and catch something ridiculous.

I leave sometime at the end of March.  Machu Picchu here I come!!

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