Thursday, June 24, 2010

TXL for Two

Last week, prior to my sleepfest in Oslo, I managed to squeeze in a two day adventure to Germany's capital city. I got in to the city center around 9:30, did a 4 hour bike tour at 11, slept for a few, saw The Get Up Kids, slept, wondered around Berlin and then ended up in Potsdam for the afternoon, slept, and was back in Newark in no time. Here's a few of the pictures from the bike tour, which was totally awesome and I can't wait to do it in Munich in three weeks!!!

Yours Truly and the Brandenburg Gate
Berlin Wall, and my sweet Chucks
TV Tower

And for those of you who noticed there were no pictures of food, that's because the food in Berlin isn't nearly as good as in Augsburg or Bavaria. Don't get me wrong, I had some good beers, brats, pretzels... but it just wasn't the same. Kind of like Wawa coffee. Its good, but leaves something to be desired.


Krampus said...

Please tell me you've enjoyed the nightlife. Club Icon in Prenzlauer Berg (address Cantianstrasse 15, U-Bahn stop Eberswalder Strasse) is really fun on Tuesday nights.

ich bin SOOOOO eifersuchtig, dass du nach Berlin bist.

The Lysser said...

No, I have too much stranger danger in me to go alone. That's also not really how I roll, if you will.