Sunday, June 20, 2010


I made it to Berlin and back; pictures and a debrief to follow. The
next day I went down the shore and spent the day on the boat, day
drinking, and eating more seafood than got destroyed in the Gulf (too
soon?). I briefly contemplated picking up a trip during the madness,
but there really weren't many trips in there. I ended up with airport
appreciation at 19:05 with a few friends. It was a good time until I
got called for Oslo. Four day Oslo. I threw myself a reserve sucks
pity party en route to the gate but was pleasantly surprised once
things started going. Great crew, okay croud. And now that I'm sitting
here, day three in Norway's capital, it's pretty nice to relax and sit
and do nothing. Yesterday we went to the grocery store and stocked up
on basic provisions... and now I'm having a difficult time finding
motivation to get out of bed!

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