Monday, June 7, 2010

Galley Hands

Galley hands belong to flight attendants who insist on using their bare hands to pull piping hot metal trays out of the ovens, and have no feeling left in their digits. I do not have galley hands and insist on using the oven mitt when handling anything that's not room temperature. It really gets my knickers in a twist when these galley flight attendants who clearly DO NOT work the aisle, cook the crap out of the dishes. Yes, its nice to have warm nut ramekins and main courses should be served on a warm dish. This can easily be accomplished by preheating the oven for three minutes on medium at the beginning of the service and leaving them in the oven. Ten minutes on high with the meals? My hands WILL be a blister. And now I have to hand this dish of danger to a BusinessFirst passenger? Smells like a lawsuit to me! So please, remember that just because you've burnt your hands to the point of no return doesn't mean that everyone else has. Thanks.

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Flygirl said...

Oh man... I encountered this phenomenon for the first time on my last pairing. She ripped all the meals out of the oven without even a napkin in her hands! I was practically waiting with the ice and first aid kit! What a nut-job.