Friday, September 18, 2009

Full Time V. Part Time

Full time aviators work an average of 80 flight hours a month. That's what normal people do in two weeks. Part time at my airline, with full benefits, vacation and sick time accrual is only 40 flight hours. Which is what the working stiffs do in ONE WEEK. Thus far in my flight attendant career, I have been a full fledged reserve with average line values of 80 hours. For the next bid month of October, I have been awarded a job share with a senior flight attendant. Who holds Honolulu. For those of you in the industry, you know how exciting this is. For those of you who aren't, I guess the best way to describe my new work life is part time and with a real schedule. I'm going to know exactly where and when I'm going and I'm most likely only going to do three trips max. I'm only going to go to work for (at most) nine days in October and will more than likely be the happiest person on the plane for those very few trips. I have no idea what we're bidding, but you can bet your bottoms that I'll keep you posted! The fact that I will not be sitting reserve in October blows my mind, and I feel freedom in a way I haven't since I was in college.

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