Monday, August 3, 2009

They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love

Last summer and the beginning of September, we were frightfully understaffed in the international base. It worked out well for me because I had my first trip to Paris! International, First Class, Paris, might I add. However, due to the short staffing, there were a lot of domestic reserves on the juniority trips - it's how I met my BFF JWebs. On one of the many LHRs I did that month there was another EWR reserve by the name of Anna who's a super sweet Southern girl; she was assigned BusinessFirst aisle and had never even been on a Boeing 777! I was working in another cabin and was unaware of her performance, or the fact that no one she was working with was willing to help her. When Anna spilt water on some nasty passenger, he along with her co-workers proceeded to rip her a new one. My memory fails, but when I saw her in the crew room just before my MAN, she said that because of me she didn't spend the whole trip crying in the lav, that I was so kind and sweet to her. And I don't even remember! To me, it just goes to show how utterly important it is to be nice and sweet and caring to the strangers you meet because you know not the cross they bear - plus I must be doing something right!

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