Sunday, August 16, 2009

Every Place Around the World... We're Coming to America!

I was off on Thursday; I had an opportunity to pick up a trip to fly Friday but was unsuccessful. I sat as number one on the call out list for hours - nothing. I briefly considered putting myself request airport alert (blasphemous! I know) for Saturday because I was trying to go down the shore for Sunday. Saturday rolls around, and I was on page two of the list thinking that I was sitting pretty, number 5 on the personal drop list for Sunday and I was going to be good to go! WRONG. I got the call at 3 as my mom and I were leaving the mall to report to the airport at 1745 for DUB. I ran into the department store, got changed in the fitting room, dropped my mother off at my sister's place of employment and scurried off to EWR devising ways to get off of this trip.

I opted not to take the NJ TPK, as summer traffic is HORRIFYING, and took 295 - rt. 1 - TPK instead. I stopped in one of the Brunswicks along the way to get a Subway sandwich and an iced coffee from Dunks. I've been to this particular Dunks a number of times, usually its a man behind the counter. Today, it was a lady who's eyes lit up when she saw my uniform. She wanted to know where I worked; I told her my airline. "You cannot be married" she simply stated. It was in that moment I realized how I should stop bitching about scheduling, my pathetic dating life, my current living situation because, as I went on to explain to her, this is America. There's no age discrimination at my place of employment - at ANY place of employment. I can and I WILL GET MARRIED SOMEDAY. I'll still be a flight attendant too. One of my friends is out on maternity leave. Talking to her made me take a step back and realize all the things that I do have, the opportunities I've been given are such blessings and so amazingly wonderful I'm thankful to have been given this life. And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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