Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scheduling Roulette

I had Sunday off; the weather was horrible. It wasn't really sunny, nor was it actually cloudy. Warm, yet breezy and just not a beach day which is exactly where I was in Ocean City. Around trip pick up time, we were messing around on the computer and Jo said log in and see what's in open time. There was a Belfast, I clicked and like magic it appeared on my line. We went out for Jersey Mex (eat that Texas!); that night we had a few beers and made an appearance out at the bar. Definitely made the beers more enjoyable - knowing what I was doing the next day.

Monday morning rolls around and the dirty surfer kids hit the waves at 5:30, and came to get me at 8:45 for breakfast. Usually on days off I'm rebellious with my phone and do things like turn it off or leave it at home, which I managed to do this particular morning. So over coffee at a classy Jersey diner, I checked my line and the trip was gone. Bumped. I immediately called scheduling, gave them Jo's number as mine for the next two hours, you know, just in case. We went bike riding and roller skating, and finally at one I decided I should be clean and pretty... just in case. I sat clean and pretty til 5 when dirty surfer boys showed up and demanded wave time. Even if I did surf, I couldn't go in the water... just in case. So I called to get released, which they did, but for a whole two hours. We came back from the beach, had some dinner, and hung out a bit, in bed by midnight. I heard the surfers go out at o'dark thirty, and then I get the scheduling wake up call at 8:35 to be in EWR at 11. Less than 2 1/2 hours to drive 110 miles, all for an airport alert. It took me 7 minutes to get dressed and in the car.

By the grace of the Lord, I made it on time and without a ticket.

I sat my four hours, went home, roller skated around the Twp park, now I'm doing laundry, and tomorrow I personal dropped... just in case. Another one of those days living the dream, as they say.

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