Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's a girt bar?

Who doesn't love the crew scheduling wake up call at 2 am to report to the airport in three hours?

For what reason, you ask?

Fly to LaGuardia, work to Houston, and deadhead back to EWR. The other two flight attendants were also international reserves who had less sleep than I. I had a whole three hours! I got to sit in the flight deck for the ten minute ride to LGA and had an awesome view of the new Yankee stadium. There's something about watching the sun rise over NYC that amazes me every time. I worked first class down to Houston and was quite lost with no three tiered carts, silver coffee and tea set, or bake on board cookies. Domestic is like another airline! As for the deadhead back to EWR, I tried my hardest to pretend that it was just like crew rest for three hours and was rather unsuccessful. At least during crew rest I'm not in a middle seat, I can hide behind a curtain and foreign children are better behaved than Americans. I made it back to the house in time for dinner and the Bachelorette, in bed by 10 and up at 8 this morning... who gets up this early??? I go back on call at one, and am patiently waiting to find out whether or not they'll grant me an extra day off tomorrow. I desperately need some beach time!

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