Wednesday, July 8, 2009

AM's Best Week Ever!

This past week at work has been one of my best weeks ever. Started off celebrating the 4th in Glasgow. Dropped 30 pounds at Primark, my favorite British store, and then had a free burger and beer to celebrate our Independence from Britain, which is a big deal to the Scots. It was one of the first times the entire crew, all six flight attendants, two pilots, and the captain's wife, hung out and socialized for an extended period of time. I got to work with one of my favorite fellow juniority reserves up in first class, always a treat! And then when I got home from that fabulous trip, I was assigned Frankfurt (Frankfurt, First Class, International... haha!) with another reserve buddy of mine. This Frankfurt was even better than the last - this crew was so much fun! We had a great relaxing layover full of shopping and find German dining with those world class German beers! The running joke of the evening was how badly the captain was trying to set me up with his 26 yr old son - regional pilot, smoker, who lives in Austin... and has a girlfriend. I guess he likes me better...? As we were deplaning he said let me know when you lower your standards and I'll give you his number! It's just so refreshing to work in an environment where everyone is on the same page, trying to accomplish the same goals (feed everyone and get to and fro safely), with easy-going, positive, can-do kind of attitudes.

This week has just made me very thankful not only for a job in general, but one as fabulously amazing as mine. I most certainly am one lucky and blessed woman!

OH! And as for my grand eating tour of the country, I had my schnitzel and cherries for breakfast before even leaving the hotel, a chocolate croissant in the airport, and I also bought a sandwich to enjoy en route to EWR. Every last bite was so tasty and delicious, each calorie so worth the workout I have planned for myself tomorrow!

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