Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm in Los Angeles today...

This morning I woke up at 4:00 am EST, and worked the first flight to LAX. And for the first time in a long time, I was surprised by the crowd. They were awesome. No one was excessively needy, there was no constant dinging (can I have a coke? sprite? seltzer? water? apple juice? beer?). My only complaint is that this time of year, with the jet stream, flight time to the west coast is averaging about 5:45+ which sucks. I feel your pain; don't think for a minute that I'm enjoying this more that you passengers. As we were approaching the end of the flight a gentleman asked me how much longer. I responded with "about an hour and a half". The should be blond behind him then proceeded to ask me the same question. "How much longer?" "An hour and a half" This time I had a huffy tone and was less than pleased. Its like you're that kid in lecture who thinks that they are asking some brill ant question when in reality, if you were paying attention, the professor just totally answered it. After I responded to Miss I wish I were blond b/c then I'd have an excuse, someone else on the other side of the cabin asked the SAME question. I'm beginning to realize that, much like my mother, I get agitated to repeat myself. As I walked passed him pissed off, I said to the rest of the entire cabin, loudly and annoyed-ly that we did indeed have about an hour and half left of flight. My airline is an on time airline; in fact, we are early more often that not. If it says we are landing at, oh, I dunno, 10 am local then we really should be there at 10 am local. I know other airlines don't operate with the same standards - so stop flying them. But when we say 10 am, we'll be there. Moreover, if your buddy/boy/girl/friend is picking you up, tell them to be 10 minutes early. We usually are.

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