Friday, November 2, 2007

Deadhead like Whoa

To most people, a "deadhead" is someone who enjoys the musical stylings of the Grateful Dead. To those of us in the industry (yes, like its some sort of cult), to deadhead is when scheduling decides to relocate you. The past two trips I've been deadheaded in and out of IAH, only to spend a night in LA. Earlier this week, I got to ride in our new 757's with individual entertainment systems in the cheap seats; I got to watch Licence to Wed which is surprisingly good and not horribly chick flickish (Jesse, I know you are like, totally way jealous and yes, I did smell like 75 when I was done). Yesterday, I hopped a ride in the 777 and got to watch Harry Potter 5!!! Very exciting. Now I'm sitting in supposedly sunny LA waiting for the sun to come out so I can go sit at the pool and maintain my tan from Cancun. Stupid marine layer. Moreover, stupid friends with big kid jobs who can't come and keep me amused til tonights red eye back to the dirty Jersey. I mean, c'mon... who works more than 20 days a month? ;)

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Stephanie said...

dude. i worked 65 hours last week. if i wasn't my firm's bitch, i woulda totally been all over that tanning thing you do :)