Sunday, May 26, 2013

Undisciplined Adventure...

Kristy and I leave for Stuttgart in two hours. I was supposed to work from home today, another perk of the other new job, and am currently experiencing an epic fail. My computer wouldn't allow me to remote into my desktop, meaning I couldn't access any of the documents I needed. So I decided to pack it up and go to the airport early to get as much finished and take it with me to do on the plane. Which would have been great, had I not forgotten my passport when I was standing in line for employee security. Sigh. I turned around, went back home, collected everything else I forgot (iPhone charger, ear buds, Chapstick), and am currently on the employee bus back to the terminal. Instead of two undisturbed hours of work, I'll have about twenty minutes to fire off an email and collect documents for my jump drive. Le sigh again.

At least tomorrow morning I'll wake up in Germany.

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