Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Church Elsewhere

A few weeks back, I was in Denver hanging out with my cousin & company, and like a good girl, I went to church Sunday morning.  We're sitting in the pew, and I look up to see a senior flight attendant who I know I've flown with before.  Really?  It was just like the time I was in Edinburg at St. Andrew's, around the corner from Whistle Binkies, thinking to myself... wow, that really looks like Gwen, who's a domestic flight attendant.  When I got back to the crew hotel, low and behold, there was Gwen with her arms wrapped around Rich, the concierge.  Latest word around campus is they live in the metro DC area and are betrothed.  It's amazing to me how I see more people I know in church across the country and globe than I do in my own (or parents') neighborhood.

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