Monday, February 13, 2012

Resolutions Win

I just got home from teaching in one of our satellite training centers. We walked in to find that Group A had played a little prank on us, and we spent the rest of the week plotting our revenge. There was great camaraderie between us and I'm so thankful to have been with such talented, family-orientated instructors. I'm in Group B so we go back one more time and get the last laugh on A. Unfortunately, however, I spent the week holed up in my hotel room when we weren't teaching; I had, and still am, overcoming quite the cold. The only advantage was I had plenty of time to sit and think about what needs to get done in terms of my infamous five resolutions.

I'm trying hard to put these five things at the forefront of my life; accomplishing these things will only make me more successful and satisfied. Being sick knocked me down and let me sit and think about how to make better financial decisions. Apparently spending more than you make is not one of them. I logged on to my primary financial institution's website to discover that they had a budgeting tool available, allowing you to choose which categories best fit your lifestyle (ie: rent, not mortgage) and then what the budgeted amount should be for the month to then classify all debits and expenses. This month will be different because I'm not spending it home doing the usual routine and while we do get reimbursed for our travel expenses, its not exactly what I'd call a timely operation. It's a pretty cool tool to use, and a great habit to get into. It's also making me excited to save for the future and stop squandering now. There are only so many treats (shoes...) one deserves...

Up next on the priorities list is studying German for a half hour every day.

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