Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fan Mail: The Interview

I got this job just over five years ago and good interview advice is still the same. Smile. Be confident, well-dressed, and well-groomed. Always dress professionally in a suit. Women should wear hose and heels; men should be clean shaven with professional hair. Hair that's acceptable on Wall Street, not Haight Ashbury. Gum is never a good idea. While you should be prepared to answer the interviewer's questions, perhaps you should have a few questions to ask. Know a few things about the company before you get there.

An even better person to ask is The Flying Pinto, and you can start right here. Pinto's a great resource for people who are interested in the career, beginning the interviewing process, and provides great camaraderie for us flying veterans as well as industry insider looks for those peering in from the outside.

Best of luck to those of you out there who are getting ready for the interview, beginning initial training (Barbie Bootcamp is hard!), and even well wishes to those of you on probation. Because yes, you're STILL new.

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