Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Hire Fail

There was a group of new hire flight attendants in our training center to get their hands on with equipment to maintain their qualifications. It's required of all reserves who are based elsewhere. As a junior stew, I get excited to see new, shiny faces and tell them how happy we are that they're here and welcome them to the company. This particular girl said she came out online December 24, and was very quick to tell us that a new class came out online last Saturday, one today, and every week til June... so she wasn't new anymore.

I politely smiled and walked away.

There are a zillion things I SHOULD have said... like aw, that's cute - good luck with that attitude out online. I've been here for five years and you're still on probation for another five months.

I don't know where these new hires get this false sense of awesomeness... enjoy reserve!

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