Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Swinging Through the PHL

On my way home from vacation, I opted to fly from Orlando to Newark and then down to Philly as opposed to taking the train (my car was at my parents' house). This was the first time I can recall in my entire life that my father wasn't waiting for me either at the gate, you know, back in the day when that was allowed, or on the other side of security. I understand - the man was at work and as soon as I landed he was en route. As I was making my way out of the terminal, I stopped to go to the bathroom and was greeted with the most glorious of airport bathrooms that I have ever seen in my life! Each stall was HUGE - all were handicapped size with a changing table, sink, and enough room to fit a frat party. It was as if all my years of complaining about the horrors that are airport bathrooms finally paid off and someone heard my prayers. Had I not been in a rush, I would have snapped a million pictures, but as soon as I was curbside, there he was. Next time... There's always a next time.

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