Sunday, May 1, 2011

Exhaustion Is Cute!

April was my first *real* full pull teaching in my own base, balancing living in my humble abode, family obligations, and quality time with my peeps.

I. Am. Exhausted.

My schedule went something along the lines of teach for six days, off one, teach one, off one, teach six, off one, teach one. Off six - that was Easter. Teach two, off two. Fly, because its now May. Don't get me wrong - I loved every minute of being in the classroom and evaluating the "students". There were so many rewarding moments clearly depicting, in my mind, how valuable the skills of a teacher truly are. I'm looking forward to the break and flying again; I get such cabin fever.

Totally looking forward to feeling jet lagged all the time; its a whole different type of exhaustion.


GigiRouge said...

So are you teaching flight attendant training? xx

The Lysser said...

Yes :)