Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blizzard Watch 2011

Last winter, we had three blizzards and for every one of them I was safe at home. This season, I had 4 day Dublin over Christmas which became a 6 day due to the weather in Newark. Being snowed in in Dublin was awesome, I love that layover and our Christmas hotel is right off Grafton Street (the usual hotel closes for a few days over the holiday).

At the moment, they are predicting 10-12 inches of snow for the NY metro area starting tonight and scheduling is sending me to Mexico City for an overnight. I don't mind that they rolled my day, its just that there was MUC and SNN in there and I would have MUCH preferred them to roll me for Europe and then I'd have the weekend off. On the sort of bright side, I'm scheduled to return tomorrow at 19:45, and I hope with all my heart I make it back. Upon my return, I'll be off for one day, in the training center Friday, off Saturday because I was rolled, reserve for a day, three days downstairs and THEN 4 off to go skiing in Vermont.

I kind of wanted to be left alone because I wanted to mop. Can you even believe it??? I wanted to wash my floors. Clean my apartment. Pretend like I live here, cook myself a meal. No worries, I'm sure there will be more snow this season...

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