Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pissed in 1E

Over the weekend, I worked the late London Heathrow. It was nice to be "home" again, after having my mini-line and running around the globe without scheduling. It wasn't on the 777, but sometimes its nice to be on the 757. I had a great crew, we all went out to eat, and coming home we had 9 up front and less than 60 passengers in the back.

During our crew breaks, which are permitted on flights longer than 8 hours, I was sent to first class to keep an eye on things while the others were on their break. I served the bake on board cookies and ran a few drinks; I spent most of my time relaxing on the jumpseat - but not reading (you know, because I follow all the rules at work). About a half hour before the last break ended and the pre-arrival service began, I decided to take a few minutes in the lav to freshen up, potty, brush my teeth, put my face on and enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet.

So I grab my purse, which is kind of like a walking pharmacy with all sorts of goodies inside, and go to town. I'm brushing, lip glossing, and having a grand old time enjoying my privacy. I'm putting the finishing touches on my freshly powdered nose and I hear an angry man screaming "aw, c'mon!". I was a bit alarmed but thought nothing of it; I hear things all the time. Before I know it there's a pounding on the bathroom door and I was a bit shocked. The only time I've ever heard someone knock was politely to see if someone was in there to determine whether or not to unlock the door from outside. I put my compact away and walk out to an irate mad man yelling at me, something about how I'd only been in there for 20 minutes. He rushes past me and then proceeds to attempt to slam the door shut, but because its a flimsy 757 bathroom door more force doesn't make it slam. This only adds to his level of ire. I immediately called the ISM/purser on board and asked him to meet me in the other galley to tell him what just transpired. I was instructed to ignore him, which I did.

So now that breaks had ended and the ISM was in and out of the first class cabin, 1E grabbed him and started to give him an ear full about how I was in the bathroom too long. And just as he was finishing up his rant, the first class flight attendant who'd just come from break, squeezed past and went into the loo. "See! She's going in there too!" As if we're not allowed to potty during a seven and a half hour flight! I had failed to realize that this man had been drinking port and beers across the Atlantic and was quite pissed in more ways than one. However, had he listened to his briefing, there are four lavatories located on board, one in his cabin, as well as one adjacent to the boarding door and two in the rear of the aircraft. Next time I'll just stay in there, and redirect whomever to another lavatory :)


ararity said...

To me what's more frustrating than his ignorance on the availability of other lavs and his unfathomable reaction to your using the loo is the inability to speak to him like he needs. I really wish we could put these type of people in their proper place. Fly safe.

asianhearteurosoul said...

I too find it very annoying and inconsiderate when the person next in queue cannot seem to wait patiently. I mean if the person before you is taking too long then look for another lav! It is after all, not YOUR lav to actually complain about others using it (for however long they wish to take)... ;o)

Gracey Bee said...

I love on my plane when the come back to my galley (which consists of a back wall of galley counter, carts, etc, 2L&R doors and a lav next to the wall of galley) and says "where's the bathroom"

In their deffense it doesn't say "LAVATORY" on it, but where else would it be?

I tell them, we'll we have 3 doors here. Behind ONE of these doors is the Lavatory.

Anonymous said...

I hate BF.