Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Internet and My Privacy

Recently, my airline issued a statement and some sort of rules about the appropriateness of Twitter and Facebook using their name and all that non-sense. I didn't actually read the rules - don't tell management. But I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to tell you that the opinions and complaining listed here having nothing to do with the actual airline itself. Moreover, I don't even mention who I fly for and I know you people have NO IDEA. (ha! yeah right).

In terms of privacy, I was hit pretty hard with this one. My grandmother finally passed January 30, and we laid her to rest February 4. Unlike my sister, uncle, cousin, I chose not to post it on Facebook, where I also found out that Grandpa Jack O'Connell past. He was an awesome man who was dedicated to his family and I know he too will be greatly missed. In the past, Facebook has been used to connect my high school community about teachers and other former students passing. There's something so impersonal and stoic about choosing to pay respects with a tweet or wall post and to me, the people who mattered most where there for me. Its not for the entire world to know, just mine.

And as for this weekend, I met the friends of the gentleman who's courting me. Somehow we were talking about flying and my blog, and Mr. Chicago said he reads it. I was excited at first because there's a lot of good stuff on here to better explain my life and what its like sitting for six days waiting for scheduling to call or just how painful a month of turns and airport alert is. But then it donned on me that lately, there hasn't been too much flying going on in my life. I had a half of a line at the end last year and really haven't gone anywhere since LHR more than three weeks ago. (That was an amazing trip with some of my favorite people, now if only they'd move us back to London proper!). Most of the stuff that's popped up on here has been rather personal and I've been using this particular forum to express my feelings on life. Are the winds of change blowing? Yes. I did just meet all Mr. Chicago's friends and I thought it went well. Grammy's gone, that's most certainly different. I have airport alert tonight; that is not.

BUT my concern with the extreme personal life blogging is this: Mr Chicago, I want you to know that in the particular post about how everyone's getting married and buying houses, I was upset about someone I used to know getting a house in Jersey. This person thinks they're better than me and more successful than me for being able to afford her happiness; I failed to realize that I already am happy with my career and my life, and being with you helped me to remember that. I was going email you this, but I don't even know if you read this for real or not! And I'm sure if you do, if you have any questions you're not afraid to ask.

So... airport alert tonight at 1905. I have to pack a sundress, bathing suit, jeans and a sweater. Packing for all the seasons, an AMC specialty since 2007 :)


kmc said...

you don't know me, but I can sympathize with you. I too have no idea who that is close to me is really reading my blog, who that reads it truly understands it. Success is not measured in the size of your house, but truly how content you are with yourself.

I'm not going to be the stereotypical American with 2.5 kids right now-- eventually maybe, but at 34, I'm not at the point where I'm ready to settle down. It wouldn't be fair to me or my mate.

All I can say is good luck. I travel a ton for work too, and know what you're going through. For your sake, I hope that you're wearing the warm weather clothes, but I'm down in FL right now and they're predicting cold weather again.

Christine Falk Dalessio said...

just want you to know i love and miss you. and you are beautifully wonderfully made. no matter what you have or who is in your life or where the next stop will be. you are loveable.