Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nice Try

Dear Ex-Boyfriend(s),

Now I'm not sure which one of you, but I'm missing a few of my classic cds such as Finch, The Starting Line, GUK, Pink Floyd, etc. There is no way that I can possibly know what it is to burn, or continue to have east coast envy with out them. Please return them to me; I still live in the same white house with black shutters. I may still have a few things of yours like a teddy bear or two, but you took back all the other good stuff.

I'm guessing this means that I'm just out a few cds and will have to fly an extra LHR to purchase them back...

Worth a shot, right?

Always (just not forever),

PS - Tonight, I have airport alert from 1930 to 2330.

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