Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Geneva! Frustrations and Praises

I'm sitting in Switzerland at the moment, and would like to take this opportunity to express frustrations at the meteorologists and foreign carrier that used to stay at this hotel. First of all, it is not raining. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I packed my ugly layover clothes. Awesome. And as for you, you foreign carrier who was kicked out of this hotel, thanks for doing whatever it is that you do to have our microwave privileges revoked. Swiss francs are just about one to one to the dollar, and a club soda at the bar is 6 of them. I took the time to bring dinner with me and now I'm going to have to imagine-er a way to heat it up in my room using a high ball glass, two tea cups, and a Euro kettle. Score.

However, I must admit that I'm rather excited not to be in LHR! Last night I had alert till 11:30, and there was a late LHR that I was eligible to pick up. I got bumped at 2:30; scheduling interrupted my crew rest to let me know but I ignored them like a good reserve. They called again at 10:30 am to tell me I was indeed bumped and at that moment, a Geneva had popped into open time. I would like to give a shout out to the scheduler who let me have it! I won't be sending you a key chain as you had requested, due to the fact that I can't afford it, but I appreciate what you did for me. I won't even grieve the rest interruption :)
*Update* - After I posted the above, I went outside for a walk and just as I stepped out of the door, big slushy rain flakes began to fall from the sky. Just my luck. I ended up at the grocery store, and then it was back to my room. The only thing missing was my sweat pants!

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