Monday, December 1, 2008

I Hate Lineholders

Yesterday, I picked up LHR. My position had been in open time since the beginning of trip trade - it was b zone aisle. Clearly I should have picked something in the back because I got bumped by some senior mama. When scheduling called, I asked them if everyone got bumped and she said yes, that it was the norm at this time of year; no one else from my pairing got bumped. Mentirosa! I'm so sad not to be going to work tonight. I haven't flown since I non-reved over two weeks ago. And while for a brief moment in time, I did miss domestic I know that things in that base aren't any better in terms of trips and flying. I hope I get reassigned to something totally and awesomely bangarang.

I see some airport alert in my future. Dammit...

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