Wednesday, December 10, 2008

As Seen On MyFace...

My friend Jason has recently left the ranks of international to join those crazy domestic kiddies. He got a West Palm Beach turn today as announced on the social networking website MyFace. West Palm is the most dreaded of turns. And here's what we all had to say about it, and by what we had to say I totally mean the wack-a-doodle things crazy customers have said to us on this most feared of turns:

Jason: "Oy, Morty, ask him for the can. I gotta take a pill..."

Carl: "young man, do you have any mayo ? This turkey sandwich is a little dry..."

Natalie: "MORTY TAKE THE CAN YOUR ENTITLED TO IT!!! Its included in the price of the ticket!"

Yours Truly: "My son David paid for these tickets you know. He's studying to be a doctor. Are you single? Saul, give him David's number. I think gotta pen in my pocketbook."

Charlie: "This leg room is ridiculous... its not like this on JetBlue"

David: *you to the agent after opening the door*... "Yes, 20 wheelchairs and 3 aislechairs please"

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