Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Outdoor Shower Power Down the Shore

This week I am on vacation in Long Beach Island with my girls, Maureen and Lisa. Our daily itinerary is as following:

10:00 - wake up
11:00 - coffee, breakfast, changing into swim wear and blocking (SPF 45 all the way!)
12:00 - beach - sitting in the shade, in the sun, reading, swimming (we're doing the Phelps medley! I can hold a hand stand longer than you! I can do more flips than you!)
7:00 - dinner preparation, grilling with beer in hand (preferably Franziskaner)
8:00 - Olympics - we like men's swimming, volleyball, and making fun of that shman on NBC

And then at some point, we go to sleep. We did make it out to the bar one night where we were charged $7 for shitty LIT's. The best part was walking home at 2 am, for which we had to procure toilet paper. And yes, we needed it!

There is nothing better in the world than showering outdoors. Its the highlight of my, rather ANY, vacation.

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