Thursday, February 14, 2008

HI my name is... who?

Yesterday, Ke and I were in the Crocs store at the MCO airport for lack of better things to do. Apparently, they have a whole new line of totally wicked shoes coming out that aren't heinously ugly and yet still provide the light weight comfort the rest of you Croc wearing crowd has come to expect. I was trying on the clog pair with the fur inside, and some mom said to her four year old daughter, "oh Alyssa, she's trying your shoes!". Little Alyssa was indeed wearing the same shoes, in the same color, that I had selected to try on. I then attempted a conversation about how my name was Alyssa too; noticed the Disney bag on the stoller, asked her if she saw Mickey. At some point the father questioned me - "Are you Alyssa Marie too??"
"How about Alyssa MEGAN?"

My name is so much cooler.

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