Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Universal Appeal of Wawa

In the great states of NJ, PA, DE, MD and VA is a store called Wawa. Those of you who are from the mid-Atlantic states know exactly what I'm talking about; my west side friends are sick of hearing about it and maybe have been there once and only with me. Wawa is a glorified 7-11/gas station mart/mom and pop deli that actually makes your wildest dreams come true. There's a wall of coolers with everything from soda/juice/water to ice cream (Ben&Jerry's!), that matches their island of treats with fresh fruits, salads, pre-made hoagies... shelves of various snack items and miscellaneous toiletries (if you're in a bad neighborhood, those are locked in the glass case or behind the counter). Finally, the one thing that distinguishes Wawa from its competitors, such as the Quick Check, is its deli counter. There are touch screen monitors that make life so much easier so when you want a salami sandwich with lettuce and onions you don't have to announce it to the entire store; deny cheese - its okay to be lactose intolerant; afraid of condiments such as mayo and mustard? no one has to know. There selection includes your usual lunch meats and hoagies, chicken both breaded and grilled, these meal bowls, soups, and my personal favorite chicken salad. Wawa is also known for its coffee; Jersey residents I know will steer clear of both Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks in favor of the Wawa. I know my limited description here makes me sound like I work for them, when we all know I don't. Yesterday, I had lunch at Wawa with an out-of-towner who fervently believed that Wawa chocolate milk cures cancer... I think that's still up for debate with the FDA. Besides, everyone I know would say its the ice tea. My point is that Wawa needs to be everywhere. I saw those 7-11's in Copenhagen and those crazy Danes have it all wrong. Wawa is where its at.

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