Thursday, October 11, 2007

Reality Check

Now that I've been home "sick" for the past three days, I have been granted the opportunity to watch an absurd amount of television. We're talking enough tv to satisfy SMH and Maureen, if you could even believe it. From this endless marathon, I have decided a few things:

1) my day absolutely is not complete without watching at least one episode of Scrubs. If I'm a flight attendant long enough, Zach Braff WILL be on one of my flights. We all know he knows where EWR is - maybe we'll go to Tel Aviv!

2) my sister needs to marry Ryan Sheckler. He's absolutely adorable; I can't possibly be the one that marries him because that would make me look above all things, old. And like a gold digger, but I'm not nearly as opposed to that one.

3) flight attendants would make for some great tv. For those of you in the industry, you know what I'm talking about. All night flights overseas, debriefing, napping, and partying til its time to get back on the plane the next morning... Going out with the crew in three different cities and making table reservations and calls for cabs using the CEO's name... Drinking in the local bar til the wee hours of the morning and not answering when scheduling calls, or chancing it and excusing yourself to see what it is that scheduling wants... following the floozies (male and female) and meeting their NYC/LAX/DFW/ORD/DEN/MIA boyfriends... Watching the pilot's wife and kids interact with his flight attendant mistress at 35,000 ft... I just think all of these elements make for some good reality tv. And as much as we inflight crews would love it, we would never do it because we'd be fired in a heartbeat.

I think someone's just going to have to write a book.

P.S. My illness is ear block, caused by a sinus infection... that's also my new nickname around the house.

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Stephanie said...

there's no way you're watching as much as i do on a regular basis O:-) my dvr is constantly full!! I'm amazed that i find time to say, go to work, eat, and work out. you know, basically live! i got your bday card yesterday and we're on for your 24th in vegas! miss you lady <3 smh