Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Netti Pot

Flight attendants are interesting people; after all, it's a different type of job, thus attracting all walks of life for this adventurous career. Last week, I flew with a guy from SAN and he was holding this mini watering can on his way into the lav. I was intrigued. What was he going to water in the airplane bathroom? So I asked. As it would turn out, this particular contraption was a Netti pot; apparently, as seen on Oprah (or here). It's what my mother likes to refer to as the nose enema. You empty a little packet of powder into said watering can, add lukewarm water, dump contents in one nostril while tilting your head so it will drain out the other. It's important to use your mouth to breathe. So I went to my local drug store and invested in one (I also got a free flu shot, which is rather sketchy now that I think about it...). Anyway, so I tried it and for the first time since "fall" hit, I actually feel like I can breathe and my supposed allergies have been relieved. I've never had allergies in my life, put on a plane every day and BAM... Allegra was my new best friend. Oh Allegra and Claritin, you have been replaced by my mini-watering can Netti Pot. He can satisfy my needs in ways that you never could. It's definitely an experience pouring water into your nose. It burns and feels uncomfortable but the results are totally worth it and I would highly recommend it for people who are constantly stuffed up, have allergies, or are flight attendants. Okay, pilots too.

Go Netti pot!

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