Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Sound of Settling

Thus far, I have been out on two trips; one intense 3 day, including layovers in TUS and LGA, and a turn to Ponce (meaning there and back). Even though we were delayed 5 hours getting out of EWR and delayed for the rest of the 3 day, every minute was amazing. I simply love it. Every crew that I've worked with and all the people that I've met have been so friendly and willing to show me the ropes. My favorite part is making the announcements. I also like to babysit the pilots when one of them has to go to the bathroom (there must be two people in the flight deck at all times). The whole time during my first trip I was just so amazed that this is my job now. I get paid to spend my days in planes and the airport; who could ask for anything more?

Sorry I don't have any overly exciting stories to tell. Well, unless you count a lady who was drinking red wine and Miller Lite, together at the same time, and had three sets of them. She was really nice, just a bit nervous to fly. It was my very first customer I had to cut off.

So now I'm off til Saturday, and I'll be good to go for another five days. By then I won't be second to last in seniority at my base either; we're getting new hires! I'm sure as I continue to get settled in to this new career and crazy lifestyle, there are most definately some good stories on the horizon headed my way!

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