Sunday, March 25, 2007

Missing In Action? Or just MIA?

Today, I did a turn to Miami. That means I went there and back. For free, because I have a lovely pay guarentee. Every time I land at the end of my duty day, I have to call scheduling and tonight they told me I had another turn to GSO. I started to get all mad about working for free again until I realized that I was deadheading down there, spending the night, and working the first flight out in the morning. Woo hoo. Payed to do no work all day tomorrow and one easy leg in the am. That means I win.

Until I get back from GSO (which is Greensboro, NC for all you non-airline people) and have to call crew scheduling again to see what lovely North American destination is next on my list. A turn to DC? If only we could all be so lucky. Perhaps then I really will go MIA :)

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Alison said...

Blog more, it's really interesting, and I miss you.