Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Colca Canyon

Today we drive from Arequipa to Colca Canyon, where we reached 16000 ft in elevation. I did not feel pretty.

The mountain views were by far some of the most amazing vistas I've ever seen. I thought them nicer than the Alps. Probably because I've never seen anything like this landscape anywhere else in the world.

We went to a hot spring for a bit of relaxation - but I opted to go zip lining first. Totally thrilling. We went down to passes, each over 300 meters (yeah, still not sure exactly what that means). The first one we were going against the wind, so I couldn't be daring or adventurous. The second pass, I flipped myself upside down. Screaming all the way of course, but I did it.

We're staying at an old Inca princess's retreat house (castle?), where there's no wifi or computers in the lobby. It's raining, quite heavily at times; hence the wilderness preparation shot. When we first got to our rooms, there was a black out. Had alpaca for dinner again - it is so delicious.

Tomorrow we're up and out at 6 am for another day of adventure!

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