Friday, August 10, 2012

Life Happens While You're Busy Planning

This week, nothing went according to plan.  I had five days off and it was a divine comedy of errors.

Monday night, we were supposed to have dinner at Bobby Flay's in AC.  Thanks to crew (screw) scheduling, we ended up at Delmonaco's in Manhattan Tuesday night.  It's Restaurant Week, we were together, and the food was amazing.  Moreover, it gave me some time to myself, which after working that 6 day trip was much needed.

At the moment, my mother and sister were in Disney and my father's in NorCal with his family.  After a great internal debate, I decided to meet up with my father in SMF and as a surprise, be with my grandmother for her birthday.  I woke up super early Wednesday morning, attempting a connection in Chicago.  It was a mess from start to finish.  My connection was cancelled, and I ended up back in EWR 12 hours after I'd left.   Kris was going out to Belfast on a 3 day and I considered going with her.  Kind of glad I didn't.

Thursday, I bought myself a new mattress!  Consolation prize for missing all the fun in CA with my father, Guinness in Northern Ireland, and not being able to go with J to MUC.  She's there now and will be home tomorrow.

This morning, Friday, I woke up to a fury of messages from Kris, in Belfast, that her flight's been cancelled.  It's her boyfriend's 30th birthday party.  Surprise birthday party.  Guess who's in charge of that one now?  I immediately messaged J and told her not to be sad about missing the party, as the hostess won't be there either.

Life happens.  Crew scheduling happens.  It's all a big game, and sometimes you win and sometimes your flight's canceled.

I go back on call tomorrow and I'm good for five days.  Only the Lord knows what's in store for me now...

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