Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ich vermisse dich

I miss you all, dearly.

Here are a few of the snapshots from my last day in Augsburg.  It was my dream day, mein Traumtag.  I went to school in the morning with goodies from the bakery.  Received all 2's and an 1 in conversation!  Went it to Pow Wow for a coffee with the kiddies after class.  Then went on an epic journey to find the big slide; went down aforementioned slide.  Drank a bottle of Italian wine on a bench in the park, that J had brought from Italy to New York, then back to Munich for my birthday.  It was delicious.  As it was Feiertag, made our way out to the suburbs (via bus! I rode the bus!) for beers in a tent in the middle of a field.  I couldn't have planned it, dreamed it, or lived it better.

Epic slide.  There's clearly toddlers waddling up the staircase, and a sign that says this Spielplatz ist fuer die Kinder.  Ich bin ein Kind im mein Herz.

M's holding the bottle, and those are cups commandeered from Pow Wow...
We're classy.

The Boys made fun of my American smile in all the pictures.  In this particular snapshot it appears M is holding my beer, but I assure you I can hold my own liter.  With two hands.

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