Friday, January 13, 2012

Things I Should Not Be Doing in January...

January has historically marked the beginning of "real" winter. Some climatic event takes place between Christmas and New Years that means I have to pull out my long puffy coat, my real gloves, and my various hats and scarves. January means its cold outside, especially at night, meaning I get to wear my slowly enlarging fleece and sweatpants collection.

But this January hasn't been cold here in New Jersey. I went bike riding down the D&R Canal for two hours - I was fine until the very end when my toes got cold. I've been sleeping with the windows wide open, and NOT in any piece of fleece. I went to work in just my turtle neck, uniform polo, sweater, and vest. VEST. January isn't supposed to be vest season... In looking to next week's forecast, the cold is approaching but there might not be snow this year. I welcome the cold, and would like to send the snow to NY/VT for a ski trip next month, please.

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