Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scheduling Nightmares

For the first time in a long while, I had a nightmare about crew scheduling.


I dreamt I was on a month of company business - that's what they call flight attendants on special assignments like teaching at the training center or working at the duty desk. And without my knowledge, scheduling put a late LHR on my line. I saw it, suited up and showed up at 10:40 in the morning instead of at night and had a total breakdown in the crew room. Completely lost it, lying on the floor, screaming, crying, carrying on, and was quite a mess over being "forced" to fly a trip. Part of the insanity stems from not being able to tell scheduling no. If you choose to refuse a trip, you are thereby choosing to turn in your company issued badge and manual (resigning, quiting, etc). It. Was. Awful. (Off the record, you can call in sick; however, that can lead to disciplinary action if abused). Thankfully in my present to near future, I'll be safe and sound downstairs at the training center. Where at the moment, I belong.

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