Monday, June 8, 2009

Dating Pilots: Yay or Nay

My parents are huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fans. I admit to watching the first season when Helene won (what ever happened to that Jersey girl?) and the season with Andrew Firestone and I vaguely recall that Bob guy who dumped his show honey for a bunny. This is the first Monday I've been home in a while and Jillian is this season's Bachelorette; one of her suitors is Jake, a commercial pilot from Texas. I fly with lots of commercial pilots from Texas, none of which are as nice and sweet as him. Jake, pilot from Texas, I sure as hell hope you're EWR based on the 75/76 and would love to have the pleasure of flying with you!

And if Jillian so sillily doesn't give you the rose you deserve, I hope you become the next Bachelor!

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