Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bed Bath and Bunyons

I recently read this statistic:

If a 150 lb woman wears 4 inch heels, that's 300 lbs of pressure on her toes in each step.

No wonder why I have issues with my toes! So today when I was wondering around Bed Bath and Beyond, I found Pampered Toes Spa Therapy and let me tell you - they're amazing! For every hour I'm forced to cram my precious toes into heels, I plan on wearing my new Pampered Toes. Just like your teeth, you only get one set of feet!


where'veyoubeen said...

hey! I'm a regional flight attendant blogger. Just found your site and love it. will check back. thanks for the stories. :)

The Flying Pinto said...

Hey, just found your site too...looks like we may have something in common...I'm IAH based: )

Joe said...

I actually have two sets of feet....like a Mr. Potato Head