Thursday, May 28, 2009

May: Past, Present, Vacation and Sleep

This May was not nearly as exciting as the past two flying Mays have been. My first May as a flight attendant I was in the domestic base, but they used me for four international trips - two LGW (oh Gatwick! how I heart thee!), a Manchester, and Copenhagen. I told everyone I just got home from Copenhagen for months after that; phenomenal. May 2008 was Glasgow, two Heathrows, a COLOGNE, Dublin and Manchester, for a grand total of 92 flight hours. Even at my measly $20/hour I still made bank. This May? I had vacation, so I ended up with 16 days off. Even with so many days off I had room for 4 1/2 trips (the last one goes into the next bid month). I currently have three - Glasgow, Heathrow, and Dublin at 65 flight hours, 21 of which are vacation. Bitches.

In my two weeks at home, I managed to substitute teach four times. It is not my favorite. I'm there for what feels like hours on end and when the day's over, I'm still in Twp... I feel like I should be in Europe! Its not a difficult job and actually, many people are trying to talk me into it but I don't have the passion nor desire to be trapped in school all day. I already went to school and have the degrees to prove it. School also starts really early; I have to be up at 5:30 to get to school on time and that's just too early. My international sleep schedule says sleep at one, up at ten (this past week I've been hitting 11! Hoarding sleep like whoa). The conflicting time on my body is rough. I have today off but the district in my town didn't call, nor did I find anything cool on the computer. And now that I've been getting up at 11 this past week the idea of forcing myself up early tomorrow to babysit small children, well, its not a priority. I've started working out (walking, crunches, push ups), cooking (baked fried chicken, chili), and I even did some laundry. All the while, I wish I was flying.

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