Monday, May 11, 2009

International Flying V. East Coast Time

I haven't flown too much this year; in a good month, I'm lucky to do four trips. I just got all of my substitute teaching things together to assist with the current poverty condition but here's the problem: school's during the day.

I came in from LHR on Sunday and took a two and half hour nap. I got up at 7 and picked at whatever it was we had for dinner and went to bed around one (had I forgone aforementioned nap, I would have been in bed by 8 or 9). This morning I was up at 9:30, and lived in a state of fog til the late afternoon. Finally at 5 the fog lifts and I'm ready to go! Right now its 10:30 and I'm wide awake and slightly hungry even though I hit my three squares a day today. I'll be up til one again and it will be the same fog tomorrow. I guess I'm going to have to work harder to combat it and find new coping mechanisms... Like coming home JJ gave me a Crystal Light energy powder to add to my water! It was way better than Red Bull, it did not give me wings, and no vodka necessary. A vitamin B regiment is in my future, for sure. Perhaps if I try harder to work out and exercise that will assist in getting synapses firing and waking up without creating the dreaded caffeine addiction. Its almost easier to fly all the time and not worry about living life on east coast time. But now I have these next two weeks off, and I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself. My original goal was to sub both weeks... I'll keep you posted in this battle between flying and normal people time.

Someday, in the magical land of holding a line, I can just go to work like a normal person (100 hours! mainland Europe! back galley! first class aisle! piggy back trips!) and do my job and have a real life that doesn't revolve around someone calling me into the office. Someday, when I'm on fifth year pay making real money, I won't need a second job during the winter months. Someday when I meet Fictitious, and I'll get to fly because I want to and not because I have to. These somedays aren't wishes for better times to indicate a distaste for today, just hopes and dreams for a brighter tomorrow. Well, except for that one about Fictitious - you got me.

And as for tomorrow, I'll be five squared!

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